In social security application forms, the most common thing you would observe is the medical information. It is because, the Social security Administration is very particular with the legality and transparency of everything. They would just want to make sure that you are really in the situation and is qualified to avail social security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration cannot make a decision on your claim without medical evidence. To help have a credible medical evidence when applying for the social security disability, we have included the important evidences you need to take and observe in applying for Social security disability Charlotte benefits at


The first evidence you must take is that, your medical information should have an acceptable medical source. Sources considered acceptable include Psychologist, Speech Pathologists, Podiatrists, Optometrists, and licensed Medical Doctors. Furthermore, any medical practitioner can also be credible as long as he is licensed.


The second evidence to take is that, it should be from a treating source. This means that you should have only one medical source or medical practitioner. If you are faithful to one practitioner, this only proves that your condition is treated properly. If the doctor is working with you from the very start, then he is already familiar on your disability and on treating it. If you have two or more medical practitioner as your medical source, then you have to expect a disapproved social security disability Charlotte application. To know more about lawyers, visit


The third evidence you need to take is your ability of working. These evidences are the application requirements that belong to the non-medical sources. The evidence regarding your ability to work may be obtained from employers, family members, schools, social workers and non-medical practitioners such as herbal doctors, audiologists and chiropractors. Evidence from these sources can be helpful, but again, the medical records are the primary source of evidence and information that will be used to determine your disability claim.


Lastly, make sure that you have all the requirements needed. These include the clinical findings such as results from mental status exam and physical status exam, medical history, diagnosis, laboratory findings such as x-rays, blood pressure and the like, statement of your medical practitioner and the treatment prescribed with response.



These are the important evidences you need to take and remember when applying for the Charlotte Social security disability attorney benefits. Make sure to follow these all before signing and before sending your application - this is to avoid unapproved application.


It is true that you are much more likely to be approved for benefits if you hire a lawyer for representation in your social security disability case. A social security disability attorney is a must-have, especially when your case reaches the hearing level. However, such facts are only true if you hire the right lawyer for your case. Here is a look at top considerations to keep in mind during such a process.


Only licensed social security disability attorneys from Ted A. Greve & Associates can represent you before the administration concerned with the payment of benefits. The reason is that licensing gives these professionals the privileges needed to offer you the representation you require. You should ensure to check the licensing details of the same expert to sure of this fact.


Besides being unfair, it is also unethical for an attorney to offer guarantees of the approval of your benefits. The ideal scenario involves an honest assessment of your case, which is after the social security disability attorney reviews its facts. In short, the attorney should highlight the strengths and weakness of your case so as to improve the chances of its approval.


Find out about the approval rates of the firm of social security disability attorneys to determine the prowess of the legal experts. When taking such a step, find out:


o    The overall approval rate of the firm

o    The percentage of approvals that have reached the hearing level

o    The proportion of wins that are composed of full benefits

o    The percentage that is composed of partial benefits


If you approach a good firm of social security disability lawyers, such statistics will be revealed by the person concerned.


Make sure to hire local Social security disability Charlotte attorneys because they are conversant with every aspect of the claim process in your area. Avoid lawyers who advertise on TV who often give out numbers to prospective clients because nobody knows the location of their practices. The benefit of local attorneys is that they know all the medical experts, judges, lawyers, and all other experts who are concerned with the social security disability process.



The credentials of the social security disability attorney who is to represent you should be evaluated carefully. Find out about the experience record of the attorney, number of cases handled in a year, and educational and professional training. Most of such biographical information can be found in the attorney's profile section of the law firm's website, so give it a look. Watch to know more about lawyers.


Do you know what a law firm is? It's a simple business entity composed of one or more lawyers. Their main goal is to look after the best interest of their clients together. Usually, they work with associates, which is a term to refer to other lawyers whom firm members allow to work with them.


If you are running a business, you might want to look for the right law firm to handle all your legal issues. You can also get from that better legal advice, which is very important. Here is a simple guide to help you as a business owner choose the best law firm for your legal issues.


When choosing a law firm at, you will have to consider some important factors. The first thing that you should look into is to find a firm that has already experience in working with businesses that is same to your business. It is also essential that they understand the nature of the business. Moreover, they should be able to give you legal advice and explanations in simple, plain language and not in legal terms. If your business is just a start-up, you may want to consider small firms. They are the best option because they will offer their services for a lower price and they will also value their clients largely. Take note as well that the firm must have solicitors that own practicing certificate issued by the law society.


Next, search for a law firm at that is in the law society. The law society will connect individuals with solicitors in the particular specialization or particular area. They can also arrange free consultations. But if you want to be sure, you can always ask for recommendations from friends, people from the same business, bank managers, accountants and local chamber of commerce.



Before choosing a law firm, you will need to arrange a face to face meeting with them first. This is specifically important so that you can ask questions and learn what they know about your business and its sector. Meeting with them in person will help you make a better decision. Solicitors commonly charge fee on a per hour basis, so make sure to ask how much your solicitor will charge. You can also ask if they will let you go for a fixed spending fee so that you will not go overboard your budget limits. With that being said, it is sensible to get quotes from solicitors prior to proceeding. For more details about lawyers, visit